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These maybe not the only animations of Candles and more Single Titles Animations can be accessed from the table at the bottom of the page.





WallCandleFlickerRed_Med.gif CandleCenterpiece_Med.gif StPatricksDayCandle_Med.gif ThreeCandlesWithFlowers_Med.gif ValentinesHeartCandleWithRedRoses_Med.gif UnityCandleBubblingHearts_Med.gif


Only Size.


DisneyDonald.gif DisneyMickey.gif DisneyTinkerbell.gif 3Candles.gif HalfCandleBlue.gif Lamp.gif WallCandleLeft.gif WallCandleRight.gif SquareLanton.gif SentCandleGlassBowlBlue.gif SentCandleGlassBowlOrange.gif SentCandleGlassBowlPurple.gif SentCandleGlassBowlRed.gif SentCandleGlassBowlYellow.gif

 Found in Santa.

ChildrenCaroling_Med.gif ChristmasCandleBurning_Med.gif

 Found in People/WeddingsEtc.


 Found in People/Women/Mothers.


 Found in Sayings.

ChristmasCandleInWindow_Med.gif BurningCandleAtBothEnds_Med.gif

For available Big & Xtra Large versions of these Animations Click Here.



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