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These are the only animations of What’s in the Sheep Pen 01 however, there maybe more used on other pages and more aninations of What’s going on in the Farm can be accessed from the table at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: What’s in the Sheep Pen has been split into 03 pages because of the great N° of animations. The Links to the other pages are found beneath the Page Counter. On page 03 you’ll find the links to the Big & XL animations.


Medium Sheep Pen 01.



BlackAndWhiteSheep_Med.gif BlackSheepBlinking_Med.gif CloningMachineMakingSheep_Med.gif ChorusLine_Med.gif EweLambResting_Med.gif FlockGrazing_Med.gif FollowingTheLeader_Med.gif LambLyingInGrass_Med.gif LambResting_Med.gif ManShearingSheep_Med.gif SheepBlinking_Med.gif SheepEatingGrass_Med.gif SheepGettingHaircut_Med.gif SheepJumping4Joy_Med.gif SheepStandingEatingGrass_Med.gif SheepStuckOnFence_Med.gif SheepWalkingRight_Med.gif hspace=




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