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In ancient China the first fireworks were called “pas chuk” and were actually made by stuffing bamboo shoots with sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate. This was then thrown into fires to scare spirits away. Thus the first firecrackers were born. The earliest documentation of fireworks dates to 7th century China but many experts believe they were first invented there more than 2,000 years ago.

It is believed that gunpowder was discovered accidentally by a Chinese alchemist who mixed sulphur and salt peter (potassium nitrate) over a fire. The Chinese name for gunpowder is “huo yao” (fire chemical).

Fireworks were soon applied to warfare by attaching them to arrows. The first such use was approximately 1200 A.D. and involved placing powder into paper tubes with a fuse or a trail of gunpowder wrapped in tissue paper that was attached to the arrows. In Arabic countries, rockets were called Chinese arrows.

The “ground rat” was a tube open on one end where gas would shoot out of the open end propelling it around randomly. This random trajectory led to placing guidance fins on the tube to straighten the flight path. These were the first rockets.

Today, China is the larger fireworks manufacturer in the world, accounting for an estimated 90 percent of global production.


Legend has it that Marco Polo brought this new accidental invention to the West from one of his many trips to China and other Eastern countries.

The earliest recorded use of gunpowder in England and probably the western world is by the Franciscan monk Roger Bacon.

Fireworks became very popular in Great Britain during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. William Shakespeare mentions fireworks in his works and fireworks were so much enjoyed by the Queen herself that she created a “Fire Master of England”. King James II was so pleased with the fireworks display that celebrated his coronation that he knighted his Fire Master.

The most dangerous fireworks-related tragedy in the world occurred on May 16th, 1770, during the marriage of King Louis XVI to Marie Antoinette. After the celebratory fireworks show, 132 people were killed during a stampede at the place de la Concorde.

Italians were the first to manufacture fireworks in Europe and in the 1830’s began expanding the colours of fireworks, which depend on the type of metals used in their creation. Here are the colours and metal they come from: Blue – copper; Green – barium; Orange – calcium; Red – lithium salts and strontium salts, Yellow – sodium and White – aluminium and titanium.


Fireworks that whistle get their sound from rapid bursts of gas from fuel that vibrates many hundreds of times per second.

Patterned fireworks became popular in the 1990s. Today, patterned fireworks burst in the shapes of smiley faces, hearts, stars and even the planet Saturn. How are they made? Simple: by adhering the pellets to a cardboard insert in the desired shape and colours. When ignited, the insert forces the pellets to explode outward in the desired pattern. The problem with patterned fireworks is that they can explode in any orientation. Standing on the ground, they can appear upside down, sideways or flat. So usually, display designers’ fire 4, 5 or 6 of a similar pattern at the same time. That way, the chances are much higher the viewer will see one or two in the intended shape.

The world’s largest fireworks display was part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the constitution in Kuwait City, Kuwait, on November 10th, 2012. During the display, 77,282 fireworks were ignited over a 5 km (3.11 mile) stretch of beach during the 64-minute show.

Workers in firework factories must wear cotton, even cotton underwear. Synthetic fabric can cause static electricity that can ignite fireworks. Better safe than singed.

The light from fireworks travels faster than the boom. Figure out how far away the fireworks are by counting seconds between the light and the explosion and then divide that number by 3 to get the approximate distance in kilometres.

A firework is made up of a cylindrical aerial shell packed with small, combustible pellets. Each pellet creates a single “dot” of light. When ignited, the pellets simultaneously burst open, creating a ball of lights in the sky, as well as a huge sound wave.


Sparklers can burn up to 1,093°C.

In Ireland, Halloween season is celebrated with fireworks shows. In the United Kingdom, the big event for fireworks is Guy Fawkes Night (the 5th of November). In France, fireworks are used to mark Bastille Day (July 14th); in the United States, they’re the highlight of Independence Day (4th of July). In Australia most states have banned the sale of fireworks to the general public.

On May 8th, 2010, Pyroworks International Inc. of the Philippines launched 125,801 firework rockets in 30 seconds, establishing the world record. There’s a fireworks professional association, called the Pyrotechnics Guild International, which was founded in 1960 and promotes safety at large shows and for consumer fireworks.

The largest firework rocket was launched during the 12th International Symposium on Fireworks in Oporto and Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, on October 13th, 2010. The Associaçao Nacional de Empresas de Produtos Explosivos of Portugal created a 13.40kgs (29.54lbs) massive rocket for the demonstration. The rocket had 33 motors, was 7 meters (22.97ft) long and flew more than 98 meters (321ft) high.


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