The Animations on this Page are to the best of my knowledge are Royalty Free. These are not the only animations on Hearts, there are several others on other pages.
NOTE: Hearts has been split into 4 pages because of the great N° of animations. The Links to the other pages are found beneath the Page Counter. On page 04 you’ll find the links to the Big & XL animations.
More Single Titles Animations can be accessed from the table at the bottom of the page.

Medium Hearts 01.
BubblingHearts_Med.gif ButterflyHearts_Med.gif CrooningHeart_Med.gif DancingHeart_Med.gif FlyingHeart_Med.gif HeartBigFinish HeartGettingBloodPressureTaken_Med.gif HeartOfAnAngel_Med.gif HeartsBeating02_Med.gif HeartShakingHeadNo_Med.gif HeartTuggingOnBallAndChain_Med.gif JoggingHeart_Med.gif JumpingHeart NoJunkFoodHeart_Med.gif ParamedicCPR_Med.gif PokingTongueOutHeart_Med.gif SadHeart_Med.gif SearchingHeart_Med.gif SingingHeart_Med.gif HeartPumpingOutNotes_Med.gif SmilingHeart_Med.gif SneeringHeart_Med.gif StickmenBreakingHeartWithHammer_Med.gif StinkingHeart_Med.gif SurprisedHeart_Med.gif WinkingHeart_Med.gif


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Ambulance. Camping Backpacking. Candles. Circus. Clowns. Computer.
Critters. Fire. Fireworks. Hearts. Irish. Jewellery.
Maps. Money. Nuclear. Numbers. Objects. Peace.
Photography. Recycling. Robots. Statues. Structures. Smileys.
Telescopes. Tools. Toys. Teddybears. Valentines. Water.
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