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Daniel Boone was born on October 22nd 1734. He was the sixth child of eleven born into a family of Quakers.

His father was Squire Boone Sr. and he had immigrated to Pennsylvania from Bradninch in England in 1713. His father married Sarah Morgan and moved to Pennsylvania.

Daniel’s other siblings were Elizabeth, Edward, Hannah, George, Israel, Samuel, Johnathan, and Sarah. Daniel’s early years were spent on the western portion of the Pennsylvania frontier.

Near his home were a number of Native American villages. The Quakers usually had a good relationship with the Indians, but due to a growth of white population, the Indians were continuing to move west.

At the age of twelve, Daniel Boone received his first rifle, and he quickly picked up hunting skills from Indians and local whites, and he began to love hunting.


In his youth, his family was surrounded by controversy after the oldest child, Sarah, married John Wilcoxson, who was a non-Quaker, while she was obviously pregnant.

The older brother also married a “worldling” (non-Quaker), but their father, Squire Boone, stood by the boy and was also expelled from the Quakers. Possibly because of the controversy, Squire sold his land in 1750 and moved the family to North Carolina. Eventually the family settled in the Yadkin River.

Boone received very little formal education in his childhood. His father was not concerned and knew his son had great hunting skills.

While he was a young man, Daniel Boone served with the British military while the French and Indian War was going on.

On August 14th 1756, Daniel Boone married Rebecca Bryan, a neighbour. They began living in a cabin on his father’s farm, and they eventually had ten children together. May 3rd 1757: James; Jan 25th 1759: Israel; Nov 20th 1760: Susannah; Oct 4th 1762: Jemima; March 23rd 1766: Levina; May 26th 1768: Rebecca; Dec 23rd 1769: Daniel Morgan; May 23rd 1773: Jesse; June 20th 1775: William; March 3rd 1781: Nathan.


In 1759, there was a conflict between the Cherokee Indians and the British. Boone was active in the North Carolina militia during the Cherokee Uprising and he was separated from his wife for two years due to his hunting expeditions.

One story states that he was gone so long that his wife, Rebecca, believed he was dead. She then began a relationship with his brother Edward and had his child, Jemima, in 1762.

The story goes on, with his wife allegedly reproving him when he came home. He apparently did not blame his wife and raised the daughter as his own favourite child.

Because he was a hunter, Daniel Boone was absent from home for long periods of time. He would be a market hunter, so he would go on long hunts that would last for weeks or months, managing to accumulate hundreds of deer skins, and trapping otter and beaver in the winter time. Then the hunters would come back in the spring and sell to fur traders.

In 1762, Daniel Boone, his wife, and his children moved to Yadkin Valley. They had made peace with the Cherokee Indians, and there was increased competition, which made the game for hunting less available. He had a hard time supporting his family and was taken to court for the non-payment of debts on many instances. He also sold the land he owned in order to pay off his creditors. Following his father’s death in 1765, Daniel Boone went with his brother and a group of men to Florida to consider settling there.


Daniel Boone is most famous for his exploration and his settlement of what is today Kentucky. In 1778, Daniel Boone blazed the Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap and on into the Kentucky area.

He founded Boonesborough, one of the first settlements that are English-speaking beyond the Appalachian Mountains. Prior to the end of the eighteenth century, there were more than 200,000 people who came into Kentucky using the route that Boone had marked.

During the American Revolutionary War, Daniel Boone was a Militia officer. Daniel Boone was captured by the Shawnee Indians and adopted into the tribe in 1778; however, after living there for a while, he escaped and then continued to defend the settlements in Kentucky.

Daniel Boone was elected to three terms in the Virginia General Assembly during the war, and he also fought in one of the last battles from the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Blue Licks in 1782.

Following the war, Daniel Boone worked as a merchant and a surveyor, but when he became a Kentucky land speculator, he went into debt deeply. He had a number of legal problems because of his land claims, and in 1799, Daniel decided to move to Missouri, which is where he spent his final years.


Source: several Boone sites on the net.

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“All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse and a good wife.”
ૻ Daniel Boone.

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