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Whether the weather be fine
Or whether the weather be not.
Whether the weather be cold
Or whether the weather be hot.
We will weather the weather
Whether we like it or not.

(Author Unknown)


 Clouds with Lightning, Rain or Snow.




CloudAngryLightning_Med.gif CloudBillowing_Med.gif CloudBlowing_Med.gif CloudRaining_Med.gif CloudRainingBlowing_Med.gif CloudFloating_Med.gif CloudsFloating_Med.gif CloudSnowingBlowing_Med.gif CloudStormLightning_Med.gif CloudWearingSunglasses_Med.gif RaindropsFromCloud_Med.gif Thunderstorm_Med.gif ThunderstormOverMountains_Med.gif


Only Size.


LightningThunderstorm.gif RainyDay01.gif

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 Found in Sayings.



Lightning Bolts travel at speeds of up to 60,000 miles or 96,560 kilometres per second.

Every 24 hours lightning strikes the earth up to 9,000,000,000 times.

The temperature of lightning bolts is sometimes hotter than the surface of the sun.

A typical lightning bolt is two to 102mm (4 inches) wide and 3.2 km (2 miles) long.

In the United States, lightning hits the ground 40 million times a year.

LightningBolt_XL.gif LightningBolt_Big.gif LightningBolt_Med.gif Lightning01.gif Lightning02.gif Lightning03.gif lightningleft.gif lightningright.gif LightningOverHouse.gif LightningRolling01.gif LightningRolling02.gif
If these last two are placed together it looks quite effective.

 Found in Structures.

LightningBoltStrikesGravestone_Big.gif LightningBoltStrikesGravestoneBlk_Big.gif

Australian Temperature Extremes.

NOTE: There has been numerous extreme high temperatures recorded prior to about 1910 using non-standard instruments in Australia, such as the quoted 53.1° Celsius (127.6° Fahrenheit) at Cloncurry, Queensland in January, 1889. These and other observations have now been taken off the official records after a study of old temperature by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Australian Capital Territory

Highest: Canberra 42.2° Celsius (108.0° Fahrenheit) 1st February, 1968.

Lowest: Canberra -10.0° Celsius (14.0° Fahrenheit) 11th July, 1971


Highest: Hobart 40.8° Celsius (105.4° Fahrenheit) 4th January, 1976.

Lowest: Shannon -13.0° Celsius (8.6° Fahrenheit) 30th June, 1983.

New South Wales

Highest: Wilcannia 50.0° Celsius (122.0° Fahrenheit) 11th January, 1939.

Lowest: Charlotte Pass -23.0° Celsius (-9.4° Fahrenheit) 29th June, 1994.

Northern Territory.

Highest: Finke 48.3° Celsius (118.9° Fahrenheit) 2nd January, 1960.

Lowest: Alice Springs -7.5° Celsius (18.5° Fahrenheit) 12th July, 1976.


Highest: Birdsville 49.5° Celsius (121.1° Fahrenheit) 24th December, 1972.

Lowest: Stanthorpe -11.0° Celsius (12.2° Fahrenheit) 4th July, 1895.

South Australia.

Highest: Oodnadatta 50.7° Celsius (123.3° Fahrenheit) 2nd January, 1960.

Lowest: Yongala -8.2° Celsius (17.2° Fahrenheit) 20th July, 1976.


Highest: Mildura 47.2° Celsius (117.0° Fahrenheit) 10th January, 1939.

Lowest: Mt Hotham -12.8° Celsius (9.0° Fahrenheit) 13th August, 1947.

Western Australia.

Highest: Mardie 50.5° Celsius (122.9° Fahrenheit) 19th February, 1998.

Lowest: Booylgoo Springs -6.7° Celsius (19.9° Fahrenheit) 12th July, 1969.


GirlSplashingInPuddle_Med.gif RaindropDancing_Med.gif RaindropWithUmbrella_Med.gif RainGaugeFillingQuickly_Med.gif UmbrellaOpening_Med.gif

RainyDay02.gif RaindropFallingIntoPuddle.gif

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 Found in Animals/Birds/Ducks.

DuckHoldingUmbrellaInRain_Big.gif DuckUmbrella_Big.gif

 Found in Animals/Caterpillars.


 Found in People/RealEstate.


 Found in Water.


 Found in Sayings.

IveGotThatRainyDayFeeling_Big.gif LivingUnderRainCloud_Big.gif


PotGoldEndRainbowStreeming_XL.gif PotGoldEndRainbowStreeming_Big.gif PotGoldEndRainbowStreeming_Med.gif


RainbowShamrockStarsSparkle_XL.gif RainbowShamrockStarsSparkle_Big.gif RainbowShamrockStarsSparkle_Med.gif


BirdFlyingWithRainbow.gif PotGoldEndRainbow.gif PotGoldEndRainbowPlant.gif Rainbow.gif RainbowCloudPotOfGold.gif


World Continent Extremes.


Highest: Al'Aziziyah, Libya 57.7° Celsius (135.9° Fahrenheit) 13th September, 1922.

Lowest: Ifrane, Morocco -23.9° Celsius (-11° Fahrenheit) 11th February, 1935.


Highest: Hope Bay 14.6° Celsius (58.3° Fahrenheit) 5th January, 1974.

Lowest: Vostock II -89.2° Celsius (-128.6° Fahrenheit) 21st July, 1983.


Highest: Tsvi, Israel 53.9° Celsius (129° Fahrenheit) 21st June, 1942.

Lowest: Verkhoyansk, Siberia -69.8° Celsius (-93.6° Fahrenheit) 7th February, 1892.


Highest: Oodnadatta, South Australia 50.7° Celsius (123.3° Fahrenheit) 2nd January, 1960.

Lowest: Charlotte Pass, New South Wales -23° Celsius (-9.4° Fahrenheit) 29th June, 1994.


Highest: Seville, Spain 50° Celsius (122° Fahrenheit) 4th August, 1881.

Lowest: Ust-Shchugor, Russia -55° Celsius (-67° Fahrenheit) date unkown.

North America.

Highest: Death Valley, USA 56.7° Celsius (134° Fahrenheit) 10th July, 1913.

Lowest: Snag, Canada -63° Celsius (-81.4° Fahrenheit) 3rd February, 1947.

South America.

Highest: Rivadavia, Argentina 48.9° Celsius (120° Fahrenheit) 11th December, 1905.

Lowest: Sarmiento, Argentina -33° Celsius (-27.4° Fahrenheit) 1st June, 1907.





BoyCatchingFallingSnowOnTongue_Med.gif BoyCatchingFallingSnowOnTongueWht_Med.gif BoyLargeSnowflakesFalling_Med.gif BoyLargeSnowflakesFallingWht_Med.gif GirlLargeSnowflakesFalling_Med.gif GirlLargeSnowflakesFallingWht_Med.gif BullyShovingFaceOfBoyInTheSnow_Med.gif BullyShovingFaceOfBoyInTheSnowWht_Med.gif KidsPlayingInSnow_Med.gif KidsPlayingInSnowWht_Med.gif SnowAngel01_Med.gif SnowAngel01Wht_Med.gif SnowAngel02_Med.gif SnowAngel02Wht_Med.gif ManUsingSnowblower_Med.gif ManUsingSnowblowerWht_Med.gif ManHitBySnowball_Med.gif ManHitBySnowballWht_Med.gif ManShovellingSnow_Med.gif ManShovellingSnowWht_Med.gif ManTongueStuckPump_Med.gif ManTongueStuckPumpWht_Med.gif SnowCoveredBarn_Med.gif SnowCoveredBarnWht_Med.gif CarPassingSnowplough_Med.gif CarPassingSnowploughWht_Med.gif Snowblower_Med.gif IciclesMeltingInWindow_Med.gif SnowFallingOutsideWindow_Med.gif IciclesDripping_Med.gif IciclesShaking_Med.gif


Only Size.


Snowflake.gif SnowFlakesFallinsBlk.gif

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 Found in FolkLaw/Gnomes.


Also see Snow.


TornadoOverFlorida_Big.gif TornadoSpinningTop_Big.gif TornadoApproachingHouse_Big.gif TornadoSpinning_Big.gif Tornado.gif
 Found in Farm/Cows.


 Found in Work/TV_Station.

WeatherManReportingOnTornado_Big.gif WeathermanExplainingHighForecast_Big.gif WeathermanExplainingLowForecast_Big.gif WeatherGirlPointing2Map_Big.gif




AutumnTextCrow_Med.gif AutumnTextLeavesFalling_Med.gif HarvestMoon_Med.gif SpringBouncing_Med.gif SpringCleaning_WomanMopping_Med.gif SpringDaisiesTurning_Med.gif SpringFeverThermometer_Med.gif SpringLeafOnI_Med.gif SpringMelting_Med.gif SpringWithBird_Med.gif SpringShowersGirlWithUmbrella_Med.gif SummerBeachBallRocking_Med.gif SummerSunGlowing_Med.gif SnowDaySnowman_Med.gif SnowDaySnowmanWht_Med.gif SpringCrocusFlowers_Med.gif SummerLadybugsCrawling_Med.gif AutumnTextCrow_Med.gif AutumnTextLeavesFalling_Med.gif AutumnTextScarecrowStandingMed.gif


Only Size.


WinterSnowflakesFalling.gif SummerSunShining.gif

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