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Numbers123GirlHolding_XL.gif Numbers123GirlHolding_Big.gif Numbers123GirlHolding_Med.gif Numbers123GirlHolding_Sm.gif

 Found in People/Girls/Jane.


 Found in School/Teachers.

BlueBouncing_0.gif BlueBouncing_1.gif BlueBouncing_2.gif BlueBouncing_3.gif BlueBouncing_4.gif BlueBouncing_5.gif BlueBouncing_6.gif BlueBouncing_7.gif BlueBouncing_8.gif BlueBouncing_9.gif

BlueOcean_0.gif BlueOcean_1.gif BlueOcean_2.gif BlueOcean_3.gif BlueOcean_4.gif BlueOcean_5.gif BlueOcean_6.gif BlueOcean_7.gif BlueOcean_8.gif BlueOcean_9.gif

BlueRisingFromWater_0.gif BlueRisingFromWater_1.gif BlueRisingFromWater_2.gif BlueRisingFromWater_3.gif BlueRisingFromWater_4.gif BlueRisingFromWater_5.gif BlueRisingFromWater_6.gif BlueRisingFromWater_7.gif BlueRisingFromWater_8.gif BlueRisingFromWater_9.gif

BlueWavey_0.gif BlueWavey_1.gif BlueWavey_2.gif BlueWavey_3.gif BlueWavey_4.gif BlueWavey_5.gif BlueWavey_6.gif BlueWavey_7.gif BlueWavey_8.gif BlueWavey_9.gif

GreenWhirls_0.gif GreenWhirls_1.gif GreenWhirls_3.gif GreenWhirls_4.gif GreenWhirls_5.gif GreenWhirls_6.gif GreenWhirls_7.gif GreenWhirls_8.gif GreenWhirls_9.gif

RedYellowThrough_0.gif RedYellowThrough_1.gif RedYellowThrough_2.gif RedYellowThrough_3.gif RedYellowThrough_4.gif RedYellowThrough_5.gif RedYellowThrough_6.gif RedYellowThrough_7.gif RedYellowThrough_8.gif RedYellowThrough_9.gif

YellowWiggle_0.gif YellowWiggle_1.gif YellowWiggle_2.gif YellowWiggle_3.gif YellowWiggle_4.gif YellowWiggle_5.gif YellowWiggle_6.gif YellowWiggle_7.gif YellowWiggle_8.gif YellowWiggle_9.gif

Pixelized00.gif Pixelized01.gif Pixelized02.gif Pixelized03.gif Pixelized04.gif Pixelized05.gif Pixelized06.gif Pixelized07.gif Pixelized08.gif Pixelized09.gif

PixelizedBlk00.gif PixelizedBlk01.gif PixelizedBlk02.gif PixelizedBlk03.gif PixelizedBlk04.gif PixelizedBlk05.gif PixelizedBlk06.gif PixelizedBlk07.gif PixelizedBlk08.gif PixelizedBlk09.gif
 Roman Numerals.

RomanNumeral_01.gif RomanNumeral_02.gif RomanNumeral_03.gif RomanNumeral_04.gif RomanNumeral_05.gif RomanNumeral_06.gif RomanNumeral_07.gif RomanNumeral_08.gif RomanNumeral_09.gif RomanNumeral_10.gif

Clock_01.gif Clock_02.gif Clock_03.gif Clock_05.gif Clock_10.gif Clock_50.gif Clock_100.gif Clock_500.gif Clock_1000.gif

Colours_01.gif Colours_02.gif Colours_03.gif Colours_05.gif Colours_50.gif Colours_10.gif Colours_100.gif Colours_500.gif Colours_1000.gif

In Roman Numerals i = 1, v = 5, x = 10, l = 50, c = 100, d = 500, m = 1,000. The most i's you can have in a row is 3, 4 is written thus iv, 8 = viii, 9 = ix, 40 = xl, 90 = xc, 400 = cd, 900 = cm. So 1999 would look like this: mcmxcix.

NOTE: Roman Numerals highest number value is M. Therefore if you input a number like 12345 your answer will return like this: MMMMMMMMMMMMCCCXLV

ALSO NOTE: Any number higher then 9 digits can start to slow your computer down or even freeze it.

Decimal Number: E.G. 2012

Roman Numerial: E.G. mmcdxi

Note: You also find Numbers in most of the Alphabets.


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