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Robots Pre-History.


People have been fascinated with DaVincis Mechanical Knight “artificial beings” for thousands of years.

The ancient Hebrews wrote about a person made out of dirt and clay called a golem. The golem was created to help with menial labor.

The ancient Greek god Hephaestus was believed to build himself mechanical assistants out of gold.

Around 400 B.C., the Greek mathematician Archytas of Tarentum built a mechanical bird to try and better understand how birds fly.

Around 1495, Leonardo DaVinci publishes designs for a mechanical knight. Over the next 400 years, several toy automated are built, largely for the entertainment of royalty.

The word “robot” is first used in 1921 by Czech playwright Karel Capek in his play R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots). The play involves a factory that builds artificial people to be servants for humans.

In 1926, Metropolis becomes the first movie to portray a humanoid robot on screen.

In 1927, Westinghouse builds the Televox robot.

Early Robotics.

In the 20th century, the digital computer was invented. Researchers quickly started referring to the computer as an “electronic brain”. This stared some thinking about ways to build robots with computerised brains.

The first modern programmable robotic machine was called the Unimate and was the brainchild of George Devol & Joe Engelberger. It was built by General Motors and was installed in a factory in 1961. It had the task of obeying step by step instructions stored on a magnetic drum. This was to move a 4,000 pound arm that repeatedly performed the same dangerous task of stacking hot pieces of die-cast metal. In 1961, the Unimate 1900 series became the first mass produced robotic arm for factory automation. Patent Nº 2,988,237 was the progeny that produced the robot industry.



Medium Robots 01.
RoboticArmsRaiseLower_Med.gif RoboticVehicle_Med.gif RoboticVehicleArmMove_Med.gif RoboticVehicleGettingSamples_Med.gif RoboticVehicleMoving_Med.gif RoboticVehicleTurning_Med.gif RobotLiftingHead_Med.gif RobotPoweringUp_Med.gif RobotSearching_Med.gif RobotSittingAtDesk_Med.gif RobotStaring_Med.gif RobotWalking_Med.gif RobotWalkingRobotDog_Med.gif RoverInspectingRock_Med.gif TalkingRobot_Med.gif TechRepairingRobot_Med.gif UniWheeledRobot_Med.gif ServiceRobots_Med.gif


Only Size.
 Robo Jocks.
RobojockBreakawayRun_Med.gif RobojockHoveringAirborne_Med.gif RobojockInTacklingStance_Med.gif RobojockPlayingQuarterback_Med.gif RobojockPosing_Med.gif




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