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If you can’t guess it!
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Medium Sayings S Cont.-T.
ManOnSoapboxJumping.gif WomanStretchingDollar.gif StretchingTheTruth.gif TurtleStuckOnBack.gif

Sayings Starting with T.

HardSellChipRocking_Med.gif TimeIsMoneyClock_Med.gif TimeIsMoney02.gif BiteTheBullet.gif WomanChasingTheMightyDollar.gif ForkInTheRoad.gif ToCrawlOnYourHandsAndKnees.gif WomanJuggling3Men.gif ManJugglingFinances.gif Juggling3Jobs.gif JugglingThreeWomen.gif JugglingJobFamilyFriends.gif ManJumping4Joy01.gif WomanPuttingMoneyIntoPetrolTank.gif TurtleWax.gif ToKickTheBucket.gif ToOpenACanOfWorms.gif ToPaintATargetOnOnesBack.gif ToSmashARecord.gif ToWalkAroundBlindfolded.gif BusinessWomanAtHelm_Med.gif AsleepAtTheSwitch_Med.gif




Found in Animals/Dinosaurs.
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