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If you can’t guess it!
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Medium Sayings Sayings T Cont.
StickOutYourChestMan_Med.gif ToTurnOverANewLeaf_Med.gif ToTurnThePage_Med.gif ToWorshipCoffee_Med.gif KingDollar_Med.gif FlushMoneyDownTheToilet_Med.gif ThatsASlapInTheFace.gif EarlyBirdGetsTheWorm.gif TheJokeIsOnYou.gif ThePenIsMightierThanTheSword02.gif TheWorldIsYourOyster.gif  hspace= ThrowingMoneyOutWindow.gif ToLookDownAtYou_Med.gif PuttingYourFootInYourMouth.gif ThrowMoneyDownTheToilet.gif MoneyDownTheLoo.gif MagnifyingGlassContract_Med.gif WomanWritingOutHugeCheck_Med.gif Trying2StayAfloatInDebt.gif MicrowaveTVDinnerRevolving_Med.gif TwiddlingOnesThumbs.gif




Found in Animals/Birds/Vultures.
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