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These are not the only animations on Sayings, there are some others on other pages.

NOTE: Sayings has been split into 09 pages because of the enormous N° of animations. The Links to the other pages are found beneath the Page Counter. On This Page you’ll find the links to the Big & XL animations.


If you can’t guess it!
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Medium Sayings W-Y.
WaitingOnRaod2SuccessMale_Med.gif WaitingOnRoad2SuccessFemale_Med.gif ManGorgingOnFoodAtDiner.gif WhenAPigHasWings.gif WhoseRunningThisHouse.gif

Sayings Starting with X.

X_MarksTheSpot.gif XMarksTheSpotOnMap.gif

Sayings Starting with Y.

PoorLooserBoy_Med.gif CardSharkDealing.gif SadSack.gif JackAss_Med.gif NeedleBrain.gif YoureASittingDuck.gif GettingYourHopesUp.gif ManBeingHoppingMad.gif YouAreLettingYourBrainRunAwayWithYou.gif CoupleMovingHouse.gif YoureRunningOutOfTime.gif YoureWalkingAroundTheWorldWoman.gif YoureWalkingAroundTheWorldMale.gif LookingDownBarrelOfGun.gif


Only Size.
WindowOfOpportunityOpenClose.gif BeingOnTopOf8Ball.gif BrokenHeart.gif GetToTheRootOfTheProblem.gif HeartOfStone.gif HeldTogetherByLove.gif HorseStuckInMud.gif Key2TheWorld_Med.gif EarlyBirdGetsTheWorm.gif Key2TheWorld.gif ManWithMonkeyOnHisBack01.gif MeltingHeart.gif PuppyLoveHearts.gif SheIsIcy.gif TakeTheBullByTheHorns.gif TimeFlies.gif TimeIsMoney01.gif 2Small4Job.gif Key2TheWorld.gif ThePenIsMightierThanTheSword01.gif ToBeSuckedInMan.gif ManWithMonkeyOnHisBack01.gif ToLetSleepingDogsLay.gif ToPutYourHeadInAClamp.gif ToSeeRedBull.gif ToKeepOnesBalance.gif WeighingUpGoodEvil.gif WhenPigsCanFly.gif


Because there are so many Big & XL animations I’m breaking them into 12 Big & 11 XL pages to help in a faster download.
For available Big versions: Click Here for Sayings A; Sayings B; Sayings B-D; Sayings D-H; Sayings H-I; Sayings I-J; Sayings K-P; Sayings R-T; Sayings T Cont 2.; Sayings T Cont. 3; Sayings T Cont. 4; Sayings W-X; Sayings Y.
For available XL versions: Click Here for Sayings A; Sayings A-B; Sayings B Cont.; Sayings C-D; Sayings D-H; Sayings H Cont.; Sayings H-I; Sayings I-J-K; Sayings K-L-M-O; Sayings P-R-S.; Sayings T; Sayings T Cont.; Sayings T Cont. 2; Sayings T Cont. 3; Sayings T Cont. 4; Sayings T-W-X.



Found in Animals/Porcupine.

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