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Things that are on menus at this point. All JavaScript, all HTML, All Australia, All Gary’s Insights for Book 01, 02 & 03; All Parables; All Poems 01 & 02; plus All Jokes 01, Now Added 14/09/2014, Jokes 02 & 03; All Oddities 01, All Inspiring 01 the rest are now partly done with up to 12 Items in each Book Except Book08 that has only 1 Item (However I’m now Pretty sure all the animations that go with the poems & Jokes are up.), NO other Jokes yet.

Parts of this site were Last Updated on the 23/09/16 with Robots in Single Titles..


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For FreeCell fans click here for a list of out with no Free Cell’s used plus really hard and easy ones. Last Updated 06/08/16.


These are Some of the 45,000+ FREE Animations that will be found on this site within the 2,500+ webpages found in Gary Insights, Joke, Poems and Inspiring Stories & Animation Pages; links that come of some of these pages to lead to full sets of animations as well as 2,000+ Seemless Backgrounds when the site is fully updated over the next year or 2.
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