The crowd was angry; the man stood still.
They wanted his blood; to cause him great ill.
They called for his death; to hang from a tree.
But he’d done no wrong; that Pilot could see.

They took him away; to Herod they led.
Unimpressed by this man; “To Pilot” he said.
To the crowd, said Pilot. “I’ll give you a choice.”
“This man or Barabbas”; “Barabbas” they voiced.

With thirty-nine lashes; Thorns for a crown.
A cross he was given; Paraded through town.
To a hill he was led; Golgotha its name.
Nailed to the cross; so he’d die in shame.

They mocked and jeered; for his clothes, played dice,
But he looked to heaven; knowing he’d paid the price.
“Father forgive them.” from the cross, he cried,
“I give you my spirit.” And then, He died.

His body was placed in a tomb to lay,
Sealed with a stone; guards night and day.
But on that third morning; Mary came along,
The stone, rolled away; the guards, had gone.

Then she spotted the gardener or so she thought,
“Please, where’s my Master”; her voice, distraught.
“Mary.” said gently; Her heart came alive.
“Please go tell my disciple’s, that I survive.”

Forty days later to heaven, went he,
On a cloud, he ascended for all to see.
He said as he left, “Don’t you be deceived,
When I come again; it will be as I leave”.

Now in Heaven; at his Father’s right hand.
Intervening for sinners; as was his plan.
Awaiting the time; till he comes back again,
With destruction to evil; Peace to all men.

© Gary Ivin.


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