Anger, Hate & Fear

Lord; I’m feeling so depressed,
My mind’s not really at it best.
So full of anger, hate and fear,
I find it hard to draw you near.

I know I shouldn’t feel this way,
I’ve prayed this anger would go away.
But it’s still here, clouding my mind.
It’s hate full on; No peace I find.

Oh Lord; you say we should forgive,
These words pass, as through a sieve.
I do not want to hate this way,
But here the anger seems to stay.

It comes from pain long time ago,
I’d thought forgotten but did not know,
Because it was not dealt with then,
My mind in so many ways did bend.

Why Lord? Does it plague my life?
And in my life has caused much strife.
This hate and pain, caused out of grief,
That took away a child’s belief.

To no longer have the will to trust.
My thoughts and feelings turned to lust,
I did not know that this was bad,
But now it’s makes me all so sad.

My Lord and God, please help me find,
Forgiving thoughts; bring peace of mind.
Forgive the ones that caused my pain,
And love and trust help me attain.

The scar’s upon my mind please heal,
And in my heart, thy love please seal.
Forgive all those who caused my hate,
So all my anger might abate.

© Gary Ivin.


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