Bring Down The Walls.

Do you know what it is to be lonely?
Do you really care?
Have you been locked-up in a room?
With no-body to share.

We all have our own prisons,
We put up our own walls,
And unless you help to break them down,
Then they will never fall.

Some walls they come through conflict,
Others come through fear,
Still others come from pain and hurt,
All stop friends coming near.

So no matter what the reason,
For the wall’s you’ve built.
They’ll end up bringing loneliness,
And loads of pent-up guilt.

But there’s a loving stranger,
Who’d love to be your friend.
To help you to knock down the wall’s,
And help your life to mend.

The stranger is a Higher Power,
Of this I’m sure you’ve heard.
Just standing there with open arms,
Just waiting for the word.

So if you’re Oh so lonely,
Or you just need a friend.
Invite this Power into your life,
For a friendship that won’t end.

© Gary Ivin. 1995.




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