A man came walking, through a church door,
His heart was heavy; Eyes to the floor.
He stopped near a man; His knee’s trembled in fear,
Said, “If you’re a Christian, please lend me your ear.”

The man looked at him; Shirt tattered and torn;
Old jeans with holes; His face so forlorn,
“I’m the pastor”, he said with distaste,
“I’m busy, your problem, please tell with great haste”.

“Sir I’m a sinner, I’ve done, so much wrong,
Left home in my teens, run from God for so long,
I’ve lied and I’ve cheated”; the tears streamed down,
“Molested some children; sold dope in the town.”

“You’ve what”, he screamed, “Get out of here,
We don’t want your kind, don’t want you near,
How dare you come, to this Holy Place,
For what you’ve done, is an utter disgrace”.

Now an elder, sitting quietly in prayer,
Got out of his seat, gave the pastor a glare,
Ran after the man, who’d fled in pain,
Put his hand on his shoulder, ask him his name.

“Neither God nor I will condemn you my son,
If you’re really sorry, for what you have done.”
His tears flowed freely; face full of despair.
“Come”, said the Elder, “Lets kneel down in prayer”.

“Heavenly Father, through Jesus your son,
Forgive this man, for what he has done,
He is so sorry and full of such pain,
He needs your healing, to get rid of his shame.

Jesus said, that He’d forgive all,
If through his name, we would but call,
No matter how great or small the sin,
If we’d open our heart, then He would come in.

So Heavenly Father, here is my plea,
Forgive this man who’s here on his knee,
Let him have peace, that only you can give,
Give him your Spirit, so that he might live”.

After they’d prayed; they both in tears,
The man felt better; He no longer feared,
The Elder took him home, for a feed and a bed,
But they didn’t go back, to that church that was dead.

© Gary Ivin.
(Based on the experiences of 4 different people)




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