Father, when I am not near you,
I feel a failure, fearful and forlorn,
My heart is hedonistic, harrowed and harassed,
My soul is stifled, slovenly and splenetic,
My peace is perturb, perverse and perverted,
My mind’s so muddled, mangled and melancholy.

Father, when I am in your presence,
I feel favoured, fantastic and fearless,
My heart is harmonious, humble and hearty,
My soul is selfless, sacred and safe,
My peace is passionate, perennial and perfect,
My mind’s so magnetic, meaningful and motivated.

Father, My loving, laudable God,
My shielding, sanctified Saviour,
You are my refuge, retreat and restoration,
Keep my heart in harmony, my soul sheltered,
Give me paramount peace and a melodious mind,
Always hold me close so I feel fantastic.

© Gary Ivin.




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