This prison has no walls at all,
This prison’s not a cage,
This prison’s not a working farm,
But there’s still hate and rage.

This prison’s name is anger,
No walls it ever needs,
It eats away at your insides,
And on your fear it feeds.

And if you’re in this prison,
Then you will need no guards,
There won’t be any fences,
Or inmates in the yards.

There won’t be any razor wire,
No bluestone walls you’ll see,
You’ll be there on your pat malone,
And longing to be free.

Now anger’s cold and heartless,
Internment is its goal,
It longs to hold you captive,
To steal your very soul.

But a Higher Power can help you,
Can bring about release,
If you give Him your anger,
He’ll give you perfect peace.

© Gary Ivin ‘96




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