A Samaritan

Lord, oh Lord. Please tell me why,
Why these people just pass me by?
I’m sure I saw a Pharisee,
Over there, he looked at me.
I know that I don’t look my best,
No clothes at all, blood on my chest,
A man of God, he’s spose to be,
Lord; tell me why he won’t help me.

Lord, oh Lord, I’m in such pain,
My head reels so, I’ll go insane,
If I don’t get some help real soon,
Lord, I’ll be dead, before high noon,
Lord, is that a Levite there?
He stopped, I know, I saw him stare,
Please tell me why, he let me lay,
Here in the dirt and walked away.

Lord, oh Lord, will none help me,
I’m laying here, where all can see,
Oh! Who comes now, a Samaritan?
Well, he won’t help; there’s no chance man,
Lord; He’s stopping. I don’t understand,
My wound’s he’s dressing. Who is this man?
On his donkey, he’s putting me.
Lord, Dear Lord, thanks be to thee.

© Gary Ivin.





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