My spirit’s crushed and empty,
My soul is full of pain,
My thoughts are glum and gloomy,
So jumbled is my brain.

I feel so lost and lonely,
I feel so down and out,
I think I’m going crazy,
My mind’s so full of doubt.

I’m powerless to change it.
Or so it seems to me,
My life is so inadequate,
From it I want to flee.

I try to think with confidence,
Assertive, calm and sure,
But with life’s evil influence,
It makes my mind detour.

It forces me to remember,
Pains of the distant past,
My Goodly thoughts dismember,
As though my life’s a farce.

So on the struggle travels,
Week after wretched week,
It’s like my mind unravels,,
I feel like I’m a freak.

But when the struggles finished,
My mind will it endure,
Will evil my mind diminish,
Or a Higher Power become it’s cure?


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

© Gary Ivin.





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